Passive Income with Property Investment

What is Passive Income?

An investment where the capital you’ve invested earns you an income or it could be from a side business that’s putting cash into your bank account alongside your primary salary. Rental income from a residential property investment is one means of passive income.

Creating A Passive Income Through Property

Property is an exceptional investment for passive income as both rental incomes and the value of your property are almost guaranteed to go up every 10 years. Rental increases provide you with more passive income and the increase in the value of your property provides you with more money to grow your investment portfolio.

Two major techniques on creating passive income:

Positive Geared Property

If you want to generate a passive income through positive cash flowed property then you can fast track your results by buying property that is positive cash flowed or close to positive cash flowed to start with.
For example, if your property receives a rental income of $500/week and the outgoings (including your mortgage) are less than the weekly amount of the rental income then you would have a property that is positively cash flowed.


When your property increases in value, then that increase is what is known as your equity. If you buy a property for $200,000 and it increases to $300,000 then you have had an equity increase of $100,000.
You can either access this equity by selling the property or by borrowing against the equity.

Have a property and want to start your passive income?

We’d love to help create your financial autonomy with a stable, secure passive income investment.
You might be sitting on a property that could be earning up to four times greater than the current return. All it takes is less than 5 minutes to seek expert advise.


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