Tips on Staging Your Home to Sell Fast at the Right Price

Staging a house helps buyers see what they can do with space and the best way for it to be utilized. This is also the best chance to present and sell your house without further advertising.

What does it really mean staging a house?

It is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. Either you stage your house on your own or if you have a trusted real estate agent, the goal will always be the same, to make the home appealing to the highest number of interested buyers, thereby selling a property fast and for more money.

So, you have to give your house the best look while selling, be very clever and creative showcasing your house.
Here are some tips to help you stage your home effectively:

First of all, ask for a professional to help assess your house, it’s value, quality and market price. Staging a home after assessment plays a vital role as we will stage the home according to the type of buyer we are targeting and coinciding with the latest trends in the area.

A representative from Fox First will also provide you with a checklist which will uncover what we recommend repairing or updating to maximize the return on investment, we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide our expert knowledge and most importantly maximize the sale price of your home

Just in case you are staging your home on your own and you didn't hire a 'glam team or styling company for staging', you’ve got to do a lot of hard work and preparations! Don't forget the outside part of your house. This is the first part of the house that welcomes the buyers.

Buyers in the market want to feel like it is their home, having staged furniture accustomed to the area and latest trend. It’s important to stage your property as per the demographics of the market. For example, you may not notice that most buyers in your area have children. If that’s the case, we can stage your house to a child friendly setup, or at least style one room that children might like.

Give your house a light effect, full of life and energy revolving around it. Plant flowers, mow your lawn, trim your greens, make sure the grass is still green and healthy. It adds abundance and lively vibe to the house and most importantly a welcoming feeling. Talking about hard work, so if ever you have the means to hire a styling company, go for it! Ask your agent, I'm sure they'll recommend the best in the field.

And lastly, take a photo of each part of the house. Does it satisfy you? Does it look enticing and instagram ready? If yes, then you're nearly there! Otherwise, you may need just a little bit of rearranging or adding a little extra to details. Some colorful flowers in a vase, fruits on the table or even scented candles on counters. As your agent, we will conduct a final inspection to make sure the property is ready to present to its highest capabilities.


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