Urgent and Non-Urgent Repairs

Safety must always be the first priority in every rental property.

Renter Providers are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the property but if the tenant caused the damage, the renter may have to pay for the repairs.
Repairs can be either “urgent” or “non-urgent”. Urgent repairs are defined by law and must be attended immediately while “non-urgent repairs” can be made within 14 days of getting a written request.
Hence, the renter must continue to pay rent regardless if it’s an urgent or non-urgent repair.

Urgent Repairs

Renters must contact their renter provider or agents immediately if there is an urgent repair to be made. It is also advisable to confirm their request in writing if in case they need proof that they made the request.
If the renter provider or agents do not respond to the request, the renters can pay for the repairs as long as it will not cost more than $2500 or as per the authority signed in the tenancy agreement. This should be paid back by the the renter provider within seven days.
Renters who cannot afford to pay $2500 up front may contact Consumer Affairs Victoria for assistance.

Here are list of repairs legally defined as “URGENT”

Non-Urgent Repairs

Same with any other damages, renters must notify their renter provider or agents immediately.

Requesting for non-urgent repairs should be in writing which includes the damage and the date the repair was requested.

Here are some forms you can use in requesting non-urgent repairs.

Caravan park residents

Rooming house residents

Renters can also do the non-urgent repairs themselves but with the consent of their renter provider. Renters can ask the renter provider for payment of any cost. This agreement and consent should in writing.
Regardless of what kind of repair needs to be done, it is always best for the renter and the renter provider to communicate and resolve the matter.

If you want to know more about the law regarding Urgent and Non-urgent repairs

You can read these sections from Residential Tenancies Act 1997:
Section 72 – Urgent repair
Section 74 – Application to Director to investigate need for non-urgent repairs
Section 75 – Application to Tribunal for non-urgent repairs.


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