Why Hire A Property Manager

Here are some critical tasks a property manager can help you with:

Understanding of the Laws and legislations

A property manager is always up to date on current laws and legislation and will advise rental providers and renters on the best way to avoid breaching these laws.

Advice on the market

A property manager will have excellent knowledge on how to effectively advertise a property, securing a higher quality renter. They can ensure that you are getting the most out of your property, optimising your return of investment.

Easier and better renter selection process

Property managers have years of experience gauging prospective renters. With this prior experience, a property manager will be able to easily advise you on which applicant you should choose.

Lease retention

A property manager build relationships with good renters that look after the upkeep of the property and pays rent on time. This essentially saves the rental provider lots of money with less turnover.

Maintenance and inspections

Property managers at Fox First have good relationships with tradesman that are reliable and have been working with them for over 15 years.

They arrange and conduct regular inspections, providing you with a detailed report after they have been completed.

At Fox First, we try to rectify the issue over the phone with the renter prior to going to the rental provider.

Eg, if there is a power outage, it can be either two things:
1) there is an outage in an area, if this is the case we will contact the main utility provider in the area or
2) most likely the renter has plugged in a faulty appliance and the safety switch has turned the mains off. In the event this happens we guide the renter over the phone to fix this issue.
This happens 7/10 times and this obviously saves on costs for electrician call outs etc.

Paperwork and bills

Ensuring all paperwork is completed correctly and is correct to legislation and laws can be difficult.

Our property managers are well-oriented with a system that pays all the outgoings of the property. 
This organised system assists the rental provider come tax time as all their outgoings are on their monthly & financial-year-end statement.

Renter vacating a property

A property manager can make sure that the agreement is being terminated correctly and for good reason. They will also inspect the property to ensure that it has been vacated in the same condition it was in before the renter leased it.

Professional relationship

A property manager also ensures that the renter’s right to quiet enjoyment of the property is upheld at all times. This means that they arrange inspections with the legislated required advanced notice, and ensure that any other visits also have enough notice before commencing.

A property manager is an essential piece of any investment property.

Fox First Real Estate has been serving as a residential and rooming house property manager for over 20 years. To learn more about how we can help manage your property, contact us today.


is still possible! Get the E-BOOK!

Our head licensed estate agent of over 13 years, Stavros Loizides, has documented several FAQs that will provide you with a good start on your shared accommodation investment.


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is still possible! Get the FREE E-BOOK!

Our head licensed estate agent of over 13 years, Stavros Loizides, has documented several FAQs that will provide you with a good head start on your shared accommodation investment.
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